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Summer is coming to an end and that means more time inside as the sun sets sooner and routines change. That said, my family tends to watch films and shows together on certain nights during the Fall and Winter on certain days of the week as a way to wind down and open into dicussion together about what we see.

Recently I got the oppurtunity to check out the show Vindication which can be found on Pure Flix. This show is a crime drama series that can be safely enjoyed with teens to adults. It omits things in detail you’d likely see in not christian themed shown of this nature. Where crimes and criminal actions are not watered down at all, you won’t find language, sex, nudity, blood/gore, and so forth shown or heard and for that I’m grateful.

The Vindication series follows the life of a small town detective, his family, and partner. The stories are true to life and nothing feels out of place or forced. The faith aspect of the show isn’t over the top and unbelieveable which can be the case with some religious entertainment.

Though many of the cases through out the episodes stand alone, I feel it is best to watch from the start to end as there’s an important family and partner dynamic story line to follow along with. The characters growth through each episode is refreshing and seeing that they to like us are flawed makes it easy to relate too.

The cast and the writers do an excellent job in making nothing feel forced or seem un-naturual. My husband said he likes how they present/flash to the inner thoughts of the character. He said the characters are also likeable and interesting.

The episodes are very engaging. Sometimes I find myself not entirely sure how each episode will end. There is suspense, drama, tension, and just a sprinkle of humor to take everything home. My teen said it best herself that this show is completely binge-worthy and I couldn’t agree more.

This series has been great to watch with my spouse, my pre-teen, and my teen. It has opened the doors to conversation about weighty topics in view of the things that do happen in world and in our own lives. I feel this would not only be a great show to watch with your family but with a church group and those that may not be of the faith.

Season 1 in its entirety is on Pureflix right now and Season 2 is currently airing new episodes each Wednesday through 10/27/21.

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