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Eating With The Enemy is the MUST-SEE Christian film of 2022! {Trailer + Giveaway}

There is something incredibly moving about the depiction of the Bible brought into life through film. That said, I’m gleeful to be sharing about a film that dives into the events and happenings surrounding the last supper.

Eating with the Enemy is narrated by Kevin Sorbo and features several actors from The Chosen. Having recently seen much of Chosen last year, my family is excited to see these actors and actresses again who have depicted their characters exceptionally well. I’m also a fan of Kevin Sorbo and enjoyed much of his work and admire his stand in proclaiming his love for God.

The film Eating with the Enemy comes after Before the Wrath (one of the top-selling Christian films of 2020) left off. If you haven’t seen Before the Wrath, I will be giving one of my US winners a chance to win it and another film by Ingenuity Films.

I encourage you to check out the trailer below and share it with others. I am eager to anticipate seeing the film after viewing the trailer and learning what the focus is on. Note the film is set to release in Winter 2022 so I’d make sure to free up time to see it if possible.

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KidsFaith Krate Subscription Box {Review}

There’s no doubt that days are busy and even more so as the Summer season comes rolling around the corner. Sometimes, focusing on family faith can be pushed to the back burner with all the hustle and bustle. That said, something like the Kids Faith Krate can help!

Kids Faith Krate is a monthly faith-based subscription box geared toward both boys and girls ages 4-10 years old. It has been designed as a hands-on tool to help families grow their faith not just on one day a month but for all four weeks out of each month.

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