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With Love, From Me to You {Children’s Book Review}

With Love, From Me to You By Dr. Mary Manz Simon is an endearing tale for children that helps them to understand what love is and what it can look like.  It’s the perfect book to pick up for both boys and girls ages 2- 6 years old during not just the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday season but year round.

In this book, we are introduced to a postman bear that travels here and there on a train. On, this train, we meet several different characters both young and old as the story unfolds. The postman sends good cheer by waving to someone that is alone, stopping to share kindness with someone that is sad, reminding someone who is angry that God loves them, and so forth.
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Where Does Love Hide? by: Mary Manz Simon {Lift-the-flap Board Book Review}

Where Does Love Hide? by Mary Manz Simon is simple way to introduce younger children to acts associated with showing our love toward one another.  The illustrations by Hannah Wood draw readers and listeners in keeping engagement from start to finish. The imagery features bright colors and smiling faces on every single page. Continue reading