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Organic Rosehip Oil by Valentia Skin Care Review

rosehipoil2I’m always fan of beauty products that have more than one wonderful benefit to the body. The Organic Rosehip Oil by Valentia Skin Care is a beauty oil that does just that and I’m finding myself turning to it for many of my skin, hair, and nail care needs. It can be used alone or mixed with other lotions and skincare products too making it an even more versatile and prized choice.

I’m going to admit I was taken aback when smelling this oil for the first time. I was expecting a sweet rose petal smell but instead received a more earthy scent. I don’t hate the smell but I’m not entirely a fan of it either. It actually reminds me of what lavender oil smells like before it goes through the entire finishing process. The plus side is that the scent doesn’t linger. I learned I can mix this oil with my favorite essential oils or other moisturizer products and that it’s actually a recommendation.

This oil is an amber yellow color. It is light, non-greasy, and quickly absorbs into the skin. It isn’t messy to mange in the least bit. I’ve personally been using the oil on my nails and have seen amazing results. My nails haven’t looked or felt this healthy in awhile! I also love applying this to my legs after shaving. I’ve had no more discomfort or itching fits! The moisturizing capabilities are excellent, in my opinion.

My four year old son suffers from eczema and though it’s gotten better, he always seems to have flares during the winter season. I’ve been using this oil on trouble spots such as elbows and knees and the results have been very favorable! This bottle has lasted a while since a little bit goes a long way. The included glass dropper top is great in ensuring that you don’t over apply the oil when only really needing 3-4 drops at a time.

The benefits of this oil included reducing fine lines & wrinkles, reducing scars & burns, re-hydrating skin, and strengthening nails & hair. It’s an oil I wouldn’t want to be without since it’s great not just for me but my whole family and their skin care needs too. I certainly recommend it.

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