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The BeLOVED Life™ Pillows {Review and Giveaway}

My daughter is growing up and her taste in apparel and accessories is changing. She prefers to pick out her own clothes and things where once I had just done it for her. She’s growing up and she’s begun to express herself more. As a bittersweet good-bye to childhood, I’m supporting her in this but still making sure she’s making modest faith-based picks and appropriate choices following the rules that my family has set in place.  Continue reading

Essentials for Baby: Dandy Lily Lane Changing Table Cover #GermiePhobe {Review }


Something to know about me is that I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe. I know it’s impossible to avoid public restrooms so anything I can do to prevent coming into contact with germs in spaces such as these I’m more than happy to embrace. Alone it’s pretty easy but with a baby, toddler, or preschooler in tow things can get tricky because they tend to touch or have skin contact with many more surfaces.  Continue reading