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Bobbi Jean’s Cupcake Liners {Review}


Bobbi Jean’s Baking Cups are the perfect choice for all sorts of cupped baked goods whether it be cakes, chocolates, cornbread, muffins,or whatever else you can think of. The liners come in a set of 64 and come in four different styles: Blue Swirl, Pink Swirl, Tiffany Blue, and Solid White. The colors are very appealing and would fit most decor for any sort of celebration or party, in my opinion!

P1170569Per the request of my children our first use of these were for chocolate cupcakes! The results of using these cups were extremely favorable. I didn’t use a muffin pan and filled half way as directed with my choice of batter. The cupcakes didn’t come out weirdly shaped! Due, to this feature, one would no longer really need to have an extra pan around for baking cup sized foods. This feature is useful for minimalist kitchens.


I loved that I didn’t have to use cooking oils or spray on the liners to prevent any sorta sticking. No one likes peeling a wrapper and losing a good amount of the contents sticking to the sides. Also these really are grease-proof and I found didn’t leave my cupcakes dry in the least bit. Grease proof also means these are much more attractive for photoing and likely and more desired choice of snack at a party!


These are made in the USA and meet FDA standards. They are eco-friendly as well as all natural! I love that I can use these for more than just baking with no worry if there’s something in them that could be harmful to my family. I plan on making single serving size chocolates and putting them in the freezer to set since these are freezer as well as microwave safe!


It saved me so much time using these due to not having extra dishes to clean up. If one factors in all the benefits to using these, the price is well worth paying especially if you consider you also receive a free ebook with 10 amazing cupcake recipes inside. The recipes feature full color photos, nutrition, and healthy substitute suggestions! Also if you aren’t happy with the product you can receive a no hassle refund!

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.