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New Year by Rich Lo {Book Review}

New Year by Rich Lo is a book that I feel many children locating to a new school or country can relate too. In this story, we meet a young boy that has relocated from China to America. The story itself is based on the childhood experiences of the author/illustrator Rich Lo and his immigration to America. The differences to adjust are displayed throughout the tale in a way young children can understand. Continue reading

I AM SO BORED! by Henrike Wilson {Book Review}


I am so bored is a phrase I’ve heard more than a few times in my household! “I Am So Bored” is a cleverly written book to reach children ages 3-6 years old that seem to struggle with this common issue. The world can be hectic, busy, and  boring at times to children (even for me!)! This story serves as a wonderful reminder  to just stop, look around, and see what you can do by purely using your imagination.  I can vouch that my children do pretty amazing things when there aren’t screens, noises, and a plethora of things overloading their senses.  Continue reading

Tiny Traveler board book series: Japan and Italy



The Tiny Traveler by Misti Kenison is a series of books created with children ages 0-3 years old in mind. This series takes the basic concepts of nature and numbers and ties those in with world travel! It’s a clever way to introduce children to countries and their cultures. It’s a great series to get a jump start on Geography! Even though this series is meant for younger children, my five year old son enjoys looking and learning through these books about far off places that we dream of one day visiting. Continue reading

Puddle Jumpers {Book Review}


April showers bring May flowers, right? This popular proverb certainly rings true in most places in around the world, especially here for my family in Oregon.  In getting excited about the Spring season and the month of April, we’ve been checking out books that celebrate everything fun the rains bring. These things include dancing in the rain, spring planting, and puddles! Speaking of puddles, we’ve been enjoying the book Puddle Jumpers – by Anne Margaret Lewis (author) and Nancy Cote (illustrator)!  Continue reading