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Newborn Essentials: Ziggy Baby – Crib Sheets Set! {Review} #ziggybaby



What I look for in any sheet is how it feels and easy the care for it is going to be. If it’s at all rough to the touch and scratchy it’s a a no go in my household. I’m always willing to spend a little more on sheets that wont irritate sensitive skin in the least bit, especially since I have a son that has eczema. Characters sheets can be cool but in most cases those are made cheaply and cost more since it’s what’s popular. I urge others to be wise about their choice when it comes to bedding! Continue reading

Yorkshire-Mayfair: Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton Sheets {Review}

Spring has just sprung and Summer is not too far away and with the changing of seasons, that also means the changing of sheets. I tend to prefer using cotton as it’s more breathable and a much more comfortable a choice compared to microfiber or polyester blends on those warmer evening nights. The softness and level of comfort very much depends on the thread count of the material and I feel it’s worth investing in for the sake of getting a good nights sleep. Continue reading

700 Thread Count Luxury Soft Cotton Sheets by Francois et Mimi {Review}


The reason why I don’t mind splurging on my bedding is because I value my sleep and know how importance it is to sleep well. But I’ll admit it can be confusing knowing what bedroom linens to buy. Questions I’ve pondered included, What’s thread count? What’s the difference in linen material? No one, taught me so I’m pretty thankful for Google and a few personal experiences to base my judgments on.

Continue reading