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Halloween Fun 2017

We had a fun Halloween this year. The weather was perfect for Trick-or-Treating. We kept to our budget by not spending on costumes but instead using what we already had.  The kids opted to paint their own pumpkins ( Melody painted a green Jumino from Stardew Valley & Owen’s a blue Kirby) instead of carving so they’ll last a bit longer. We can gut the pumpkins later and give to our chickens and they can turn that into eggs.  Continue reading

Just Treats and No Tricks

We had a busy weekend and Halloween Holiday! My kids got the privilege to trick or treat at the local farmers market and get their faces painted. They met up with their Grandparents and Aunt at our favorite local Frozen Yogurt joint. We carved pumpkins. We enjoyed sweet Holiday themed doughnuts and Pizza. To end it all we trick or treated on Halloween night. My oldest daughter was a pajama girl, my son unmasked Spider-Man (apparently the mask was too itchy), and Lydia was a duck.

This mom is tired! Memory making can be taxing at times but it’s worth it. I hope my kids remember all the fun we’ve had! Below are photos from all of our fun! Psst! Above is a collage of a pumpkin I carved for my baby girl. It was my first time ever carving a pumpkin! The design is my own too. Cute and basic.

-Fun photos from our Weekend and Halloween Holiday-