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Picnics Made Easy with Harvey’s Table Cloth & Clamps


Harvey’s Picnic table cloth and clamps have a been a helpful aid in providing my family and friends a favorable time when camping or spending the day at the park. After using this product, I have thought of many times were it would have been nice to have a clean and sanitary surface to place food or crafting activities. This product trumps no coverage or a minimal coverage table cloth that typically would flap up in the air when a breeze comes by making a mess of scattering contents everywhere! Continue reading

Lunch Bag Hango – Set of Two Sizes (Small &Large) Review


The Hango Lunch Bags by Attican that I’ve been using for my family are proving very useful. We often bring foods and snacks with us when we are on the go whether it be for a visit to the park for a picnic, a day trip to the local museum, or just about anywhere else away from home. I believe in having bag where everything can be contained well is a must for any destination and a preferred go to in keeping things running smoothly. Continue reading