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Kiss My Face Sun Care and Kids Line Review

At Kiss My Face, we believe that nature creates the best ingredients. We believe that it’s our job to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care formulations that are potent and effective to make you look good and feel good. We strive to bring you the best nature has to offer—never at the expense of our planet, employees or values—but with honesty, humor and style.”

I had asked to review some of the great products from Kiss My Face and was so surprised when they sent me their whole line of Kids Products along with their Suncare line! This review has been a long time coming since I wanted to personally test out every product they had generously sent me.

First, let’s talk about the Kids Line! I’d like to mention the important things first so you should know that each of their products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens and SLS. Kiss my Face uses natural ingredients such as Organic Green Tea Extract to protect against sun damage, Nettle Extract to stimulate hair growth and improve the condition of the scalp and Tea Tree Oil to kill germs. When it comes down to being environmentally smart, Kiss my Face has it down to an art! Their packaging is even made of recycled materials!kiss_my_face_sun

These products look as well as smell divine! The product packing for the kids line features endangered species from Tigers, Monkeys, and even Penguins. The special packaging on each kid product sheds light on several different endangered species and provides interesting facts on each animal spotlighted. Kiss My Face even has a special website that can be found HERE just for kids. This website features videos as well as interactive coloring sheets for your children to enjoy!

I didn’t try out all the kids products because my little one is still to young to be using toothpaste but I did try out all the others if not on my daughter,  on myself. Can you blame this Mom for wanting to smell just as good as her daughter does with the divine orange & cream smell each of many of the products were made up of?

I tried out the bubble wash which smelled great but needed to be more bubbly. My daughter doesn’t have too much hair yet, so I tried out the de-tangler on my own wet/dry hair and it worked wonderfully! The foaming hand wash made washing lots of fun as well as the foaming shampoo & body wash. The shampoo & conditioner combo worked great and left my daughters hair super soft, shiny, and smelling great. The whale of a soap was almost to cute for me to even want to try out but lathered great and left little hands smelling so good.

I also tried the lip balm out on my daughter and think it’s great that these are colorless, go on smooth, and smell yummy while protecting and keeping lips soft and smooth.  I think these are a great alternative to all those yucky smelling and glitter filled ones in most stores for little girls…oh, and these are great for boys too!kissmyface2

If you are not big into scented things, though these scents aren’t to sweet or overbearing, Kiss My Face will be adding non-scented products very soon.

I also got to review several products from their sun care line.  I’m quite impressed with all of these products as well! Each of these products are paraben free. Of course, I didn’t know what paraben was, so I I did some research and found out that it’s a chemical that can cause cancer, and it can even mimic estrogen . How scary! My favorite product might be the Hot Spot Stick! This stick is great to apply to your nose, lips, cheeks, and ears… all places that I most commonly get burned at when out in the sun. I can even use this product on my 13 months old daughter!

I tried out the Instant Sunless Tanner to try to rid my body of the whiteness I so inhabited from staying indoors so much in Oregon! This product did not dissapoint! I will say make sure you apply this evenly or you’ll end up with a not so good looking tan.

A few of the  other products I was sent contain citronella, which I haven’t had the chance to try out.  I imagine this product will be a great Deet substitute for fighting off unwanted pest! I’ll definately have to bring it along and test when we go hiking out of the national parks here!

Overall Thoughts:

I appreciate the products created by Kiss My Face for kids and adults . I really love their kids line and I think it’s important to be aware and teach our kids as well about being more natural in our day to day lifestyles. These products, I defiantly intend to use for a good long while and I recommend them for adults and children alike!

Check it out: To learn more about Kiss My Face products for both adults and children visit http://www.kissmyface.com/.

Days Ago Digital Day Counter Review

medianlI love my Days Ago Digital Day counters! These mom invited contraptions were created to help you to remember with the simple touch of a button. Talk about smart tracking!Though my daughter is out of the eating jarred baby food stage, I can imagine  just how useful these would’ve been to me if I had them then for this particular use. Basically, on the back of each and every digital day counter is a magnet that can be  stuck on top baby food jar lids ( or any other, like spaghetti sauce!), it then displays the number of days elapsed up to 99. I can attest to having several jars open at a time in the fridge and I stood there trying to count back the number of days it had been in the fridge. If I couldn’t remember if it was 4-5 or 1 day ago, it usually got thrown out and wasted. These gadgets are perfect for preventing waste ans eating safely!

Kathleen Whitehurst, a 10-year breast cancer survivor and co-inventor of the award-winning DaysAgo® Digital Day Counter, has introduced the special edition Pink DaysAgo as part of her commitment to helping women of all ages get into the habit of doing self breast exams. Kathleen’s company donates 10 % of sales from the Pink DaysAgo to support breast cancer awareness, including Breast Cancer Network of Strength. The Pink DaysAgo counts days at the touch of a button. Women can simply stick the DaysAgo to their bathroom mirror as an easy, monthly reminder to do a breast self-exam. For your health – and everything else that needs tracking, — the Pink DaysAgo is available for retail purchase at Amazon.com and through the DaysAgo web site.

I’ll admit that I haven’t really been one to remember to check every so often for breast cancer, so with the help of the DaysAgo® Digital Day Counter, on my bathroom mirror, I’m going to remember my monthly self exams.

Check it out: www.howmanydaysago.com

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.