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My Baby Boy is Five Months Old…

I can’t believe how fast my baby boy is growing up! It honestly doesn’t feel like five months have already passed since I gave birth to him! He’s growing into a little boy faster than I can almost believe and want! I should have known though because my children are prone to push their limits as much as they can that he’d already be entering into the first even second stages of crawling!

Yes, you heard me right. He’s already starting to crawl! He’ll get up on all four and push himself forward scooting along to wear he wants to go. He’s very strong! He’s even sitting up very well without toppling over as he’s figured out how to hold himself up! And of course he’s already rolling from front to back and back to front! He’s been keeping busy! He’s so fast when he’s on his back and he’s been using that technique to flee from a new diaper! LOL

Owen still loves water and truly hates when bath time is over! He’s figured out that he can splash and has had fun exploring his new technique! Favorite bath toys are the Boon Splat rings.

Two little teeth have emerged from his gums! They aren’t fully out yet but they are there, you can see and definitely feel them if you rub his gums. Currently his favorite teether is Sophie the Giraffe. For the price I think she’s worth it. She’s got all these nice soft and chewy legs to keep a baby happy. I’ve even fridged her for those days when it seems Owen’s gums are bothering him more.

We plan on introducing foods in a couple of weeks! I think we’ll be starting with infant organic rice cereal and go from there. I am planning on making a lot of different things like mashed up carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and more! He likes to be included at the dinner table and has already had a taste of banana, mashed potatoes, homemade apple sauce, and rice.
He isn’t sleeping through the night but he tends to sleep so well it doesn’t bug or bother me at all. He needs his mid-night feeding. I wonder if when he starts on solids if he’ll sleep for longer, we’ll have to see!

Toys he’s been enjoying have been his Exersaucer. He likes to explorer all those fun toys that hook up to it. He likes to listen and look at books. We currently are enjoying those Indestructible books which I think no household of babies should be without! He is still loving his Octopus by Lamaze! He’s recently been crawling after a bus toy that sings songs and at the press of a button animals pop up.

Tv is something I’ve been trying to limit but when it is on, Owen enjoys Veggie Tales, Praise Baby, and Brainy Baby! All great DVD’s to promote healthy development! My daughter loved them when she was little and I’m glad that Owen does too!

Owen’s growing like a weed! I am not sure on his height or weight but I do know he’s wearing 6 to 9 month clothes now! He’s a perfect fit in 6 months Carters brand right now but not for long! We are preferring rompers and cute graphic onesies this Summer season. His dressy attire includes a button up dress shirt over a white onesieĀ  with a nice pair of jeans or khakies. Can you tell I am having fun dressing him?

I can’t wait to see what the 5-6 month span hold for us! I’m enjoying and treasuring every moment I can with my baby boy because for some reason it seems to flying by a lot faster.