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Creative Scents Gray Birch Fabric Storage Box


The Creative Scents Fabric Lidded Storage Box can be used in so many ways. The attractive color is neutral and fits well into every single room of my house. This box is very durable and I imagine it will last for quite awhile. I’m currently using it store my recent knitting projects. I like that the inner contents are kept protected from busy little ones and those un-wanted unraveling accidents that have happened before! Continue reading

Organization with Creative Scents Decorative Storage Boxes


I’ve been tackling my wardrobe this year in purging, re-evaluating, and creating a more desirable space for my clothes. In creating a more desirable and functional area, I’ve turned to decorative storage boxes and draw organizers. These handy boxes prevent my clothes and other items from getting bunched together and sliding all over. In using these organizational tools, I can see everything at once instead of digging through and wasting precious time.  Continue reading

Home- It Mop and Broom Holder {Review}

We’ve been working on getting our home organized one room at a time! In the kitchen, we invested in under the sink trash and recyclable bins for starters to free up walking space.  But we still needed a place for our mops, brooms and other cleaning tools.  For the last year have been leaning against the wall and preventing us from opening four of our cabinets easily. When an opportunity to review a Mop and Broom holder came up, I jumped at the chance to share our thoughts on it!  Continue reading