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Glimpses Through Our Lens: Exploring Cannon Beach


A few of these photos for taken when my family and I went for a day during Easter weekend to the beach. We hadn’t been to the beach in over two years so it was really nice to get back! The weather was perfect and better than we expected for on April day (usually it does nothing but rain here in Oregon during this month)!  Enjoy the pictures!  I plan on sharing more from our trip soon!  Continue reading

The Portlandia Cookbook {Review}


The Portlandia Cookbook is a must have for any fan of the popular hit TV show. It’s a wonderful array of everything most celebrated about the city of Portland with amusing twists and humorous turns throughout. I feel that this book truly captures the saying most native Oregonians know about keeping Portland weird. It’s clearly not to be taken seriously so if that’s what one is expecting from this work, they’ll be quite disheartened. It brings the very best of the show from the characters to the unique locations together to deliver some pretty amazing recipes that any skilled level cook can pull off! Continue reading

Throw Back Thursday: Nine Years Ago

OLDThis morning I shared on my Facebook account photos taken nine years ago for Throw Back Thursday. These particular photos are from my first visit to Oregon in which I stayed for about two weeks (if memory serves me right). Funny enough, a year from when these photos were taken, is when we got married! It wasn’t planned that way either. Oregon hasn’t changed too much in nine years but we certainly have!

The photos above feature Justin and I at several locations. One is the Settlemier House ( a Victorian Mansion) in Woodburn, Oregon & the other Silver Falls near Silverton Oregon. I haven’t been to either place since but would love to revisit.


Another location that I hold near and dear that we visited during this time together is the Newport Bay restaurant on the Riverplace Marina. We have pegged it as the place were we had our real first date in Oregon. I still remember the delicious meal, dimly candle lit atmosphere, soft music, and the view of the annual Christmas Ships floating by. It was a magical evening with my dear love and best friend.


I’m often sharing lots more of myself on my social media channel but lacking that here. I’m hoping to change that starting now.