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Yes, it rains here.

Living in rainy Oregon can be  a real challenge sometimes.  I often find myself looking out the window in the morning and letting out a very long and exaggerated sigh. When feeling like this, I can’t help remember that little sing song saying we call learned as children that goes a little like this…. Rain, rain, go away come again some other day.

It really does rain a lot here. In fact, there’s four months of very rainy weather, four months of 50-50 rainy days, and four months of very dry weather. And more often than not I really do live for those dry months. My friend and I were contemplating moving to Hawaii which is one of the happiest most cheerful states in the USA.

So how do I really keep from going off the deep end? I have plenty of healthy indoor activities and hobbies to partake in such as reading, crafting, knitting, enjoying movies, and listening to uplifting music.  I’m not a huge fan of getting out in the rain, especially with two little ones that are suspect-able to catch colds.

The gloom can totally overtake you if you let it and it’s very easy to slip into it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate rain at all. In fact it can be extremely refreshing during the spring and summer time. But in the winter it has the ability to seem never ending. It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to do nothing but sleep all day. Trust me, when it rains and when it’s sunny I can totally see a change in my mood.

I  like to keep my home warm and cheerful by having the right decor. One main thing that helps is to have lots of lights. If  I am letting my house be as gloomy indoors as out, my mood is going to be very gray, dark, and defeating. I can’t have that! So plenty of indoor sunshine even if it’s not from the actual sun helps!

I would paint my daughter’s bedroom sunshine yellow but since this place is a rental we aren’t allowed. That doesn’t mean I can’t paint her dressers and fill the walls with cheerful art work and decorations to make things a little brighter. In fact, I’m still working on filling the home with more enlightening decor and getting rid of the over powering clutter.

I’ve got at least one more month of rain to survive before we get full on sun. Remembering that April is right around the corner and it’ll bring more rain before we get those flowers and May sunshine! Oh, I can hardly wait!