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Purple Safety Clinical Baby Digital Thermometer #promotion

81OBqziBzpL._SX522_The Purple Safety Clinical Baby Digital Thermometer is not just ideal for using with baby but for the whole family! It’s been FDA & CE approved ensuring that it’s passed the highest of standards in ensuring the more accurate of readings. Readings can be taken orally under the tongue, rectally, or under ones arm with this thermometer. What makes this thermometer different than most is the fact it features a soft flexible tip! I’ve used ones that don’t and they aren’t very comfortable in the least bit, especially for a child that may not be a fan of having their temperature taken in the very first place.  Continue reading

Aquila Goods Ultimate Baby Grooming Kit {Review} #Utimatebabykit


The Aquila Goods Ultimate Baby Grooming Kit is a must have for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers! I am a huge fan of this kit! It has everything I would need to properly groom and care for my baby.

I like that the items all can be stored inside the storage case it comes in! In being a parent of multiple kids, I can be a bit scatter brained so anything to help with organization is a huge benefit toward me. Thanks to this set, I am no longer searching around for specific items like finger nail clippers which often get misplaced! Continue reading

Newborn Essentials: Cozy Nursing Breastfeeding Cover {Review}

It’s important to me to include a Breastfeeding Cover in my must have newborn essentials list. I nursed my previous two children and I intend on doing so again with my third. A cover provides me with peace of mind, comfort, and privacy when nursing my baby.

I’ve had it suggested to me to just use a blanket while feeding baby but that doesn’t always provide for the best results. A more active baby is likely to pull a blanket down,  blankets aren’t as breathable, and it doesn’t leave me with peace that a nursing cover does. A blanket can so easily slip off exposing a private feeding moment leaving me exposed and embarrassed and my baby disturbed. There’s nothing worse than a distracted nursing baby!


I’m giving my full recommendation for the Breastfeeding Cover by Cozy Nursing. This cover is generous in size offering coverage for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s larger size also accommodates newborns through toddlers. I plan on nursing my child till two years old, as with my previous two, so I really appreciate the extra length and width.  Continue reading