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Fun Monster Themed Stories by Sterling Children’s Books!


Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson is a tale about a little girl that is not afraid of monsters! In this story, we see the measures that brave Winifred Schnitzel goes through to keep monsters at bay so she can get some sleep. Her attempts are many and  vary from string monster snares and using smelly Limburger cheese. Yuck! She was loosing sleep and it was not a nice thing. She needed her rest because rest is best!

Children ages 4-8 years old that are a afraid of monsters at bedtime are sure to enjoy this book. My children were interested in seeing how she would solve her dilemma! Parents don’t have to worry about scary, creepy, or spooky looking monster illustrations in this story. The pictures are colorful and entertaining. The story is written in a fun rhyming way which make for a smooth read that’s perfect for story telling and keeping readers and listeners captivated! Continue reading