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Ellie Claire Art Journals {review}

I adore material that spurs one forward to being creative.  I know the vast amount of books in doing so are many. Where do you start? Would you like it? Is it perfect for anyone no matter their skill level? It can truly be a big decision if buying for yourself and especially if you are aiming to purchase such items for a friend or loved one. That is why today, I am spotlighting and sharing my thoughts upon the  Ellie Claire Art Journals. These journals are each different in their own way and are perfect for any skill level.

Firstmost, it is good to know that these are religious based. You’ll find  christian based sayings, scripture Bible verses, religious art, and quotes from well known figures in society. That being said, let’s get started in letting you know just what each of these has to offer as you may be drawn to just one or two or just maybe all three offerings!

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The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook {Interview, Review and Giveaway}


Art, Coloring, and doodle books seem to be all the rage right now. I love drawing, coloring, and all sorts of forms of art so this recent boom has been a thrilling thing to see. Aside from doodling and coloring I adore the books that push one to physically create something completely new. Art is so wonderful because often one will create something they never knew that they could. For instance I tried out watercolor early this year and had no idea how much I would enjoy it! I just stared at a blank canvas and went with whatever came to my mind. The results weren’t what I was expecting in the sense that I thought I would be rubbish but something far better.  Continue reading