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Label Daddy: Medium All Purpose Labels {Review}

My family and I are huge fans of Label Daddy labels.  Their labels have helped prevent many of our important things from getting lost. If our items do become misplaced, we can rest at ease knowing each item near and dear to us are labeled in such a way that they’d likely be returned to us. I favor greatly that with these custom labels I can provide as much or as little return information as I feel comfortable sharing.

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Label Daddy Review & Discount!


If your children are out and about or even at home, you are going to find or have already found out how important labeling items is. Chances are your child may have the exact pair of shoes, jacket,bag, or whatever else and that item may have been picked up and taken home by someone else. This has happened to us a few times before we started using labels and tags on my children’s things. Whether items be labeled for school, extra curricular activities, or anything elses during the year, labeling will ease your mind knowing if something goes missing, chances are it will be returned to you.

Label Daddy Labels are extremely easy to purchase for most any of your needs. They are fully customizable which is great! You can pick from the various color, font, text and an icon, for your design. There’s Disney, Marvel, Major Sport Team Logos, Various Clip-art, and more to chose from. You even have the option to have your labels laminated for items that are more heavy duty. I’ve found their labels to be super durable and long lasting!


I recently customized a set of the small all purpose labels which is 1 1/2 x 5/16 in size. This particular pack contained 80 labels, which is will leave me to label plenty of things! My 3 1/2 year old knew these labels were going to be for his things, so I let him pick out his preferred design. I wasn’t surprised in the least bit that he was drawn to the MARVEL category. He’s all about super heroes right now! I liked there were several to chose from such as Spider Man, Captain America, Thor, and of course Iron Man. Each characters had several icon option images. So there’s a good chance there’s a perfect choice for any recipient. Text type, text color, and background color can also be picked out if applicable.
After you have finished designing, you are then directed to put in all your billing information. Labels will arrive according to the shipping method you chose when checking out.

We’ve been using the Label Daddy labels for over a few weeks now now and the labels have held up extremely well. It’s so easy to apply these. I simply peel & stick! I’ve put these on school supplies, water bottles, toys, and more! These have gone through the dishwasher, clothing washer, and dryer. The design still looks sharp and there’s really no sign of wear! The only thing to take note of is that these should not be ironed! I believe we’ll be using these for quite a while. I’m very satisfied with Label Daddy Labels and my son totally loves these!

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 Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received this product for review purposes through the US Family Guide. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.

Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo


Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back to School combo, has been keeping us organized during a pretty busy time of year. I know for a fact that things get lost but are more likely to be returned if properly labeled. I must state that not just any label will do either. Long lasting labels such as these will ensure no fading, peeling, or rubbing off long after each is applied. Spending more for the better quality label is going to keep not just your kids happy but your budget too in not having to replace cheaper labels constantly or your child’s things.

The Ultimate Back to School combo includes the following:

  • 40 Skinny-Minis™
  • 50 Tag Mates™
  • 16 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Teeny Tags™

These labels can be customized to personal preference quite easily when ordering. You’ll first need to write out the name that you’d like to appear on the labels, decide upon an icon, and chose whether you’d like your labels to be multicolored or solid. While ordering a set for my daughter, I asked for her icon and color choice. Overall, she was pretty happy with the results and was excited about labeling all her back to school things. Things we’ve labeled are jackets, rulers, pencil pouches, water bottles, backpacks, shoes, and a few other things. This great combo pack comes with enough labels to label most things with a good amount leftover.P1150986

Applying the labels is extremely easy. Simply peel and stick. That’s it! The Skinny-Minis are Dishwasher/microwave-safe. The Tag Mates are washer & dryer safe and it’s recommend to place these on a clothing care tag. The Shoe Labels and Teeny Tags are waterproof as well as UV resistant. These labels still look as great as when we first applied them. My daughter also stated that the clothing and shoe labels didn’t bother her in the least bit and she couldn’t even tell they were there.


I would highly recommend Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back to School combo to everyone with school aged kids. We are completely satisfied with quality and quantity of this fantastic combo pack! The last day to order these is September 30th until next season. There’s a design here for both boys and girls. If you’ve got tweens or college students there’s some great label sets available for them too!

Deal Alert:  Right now every order of over $65.00 you’ll recieve a free set of “Write Away” labels!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.