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Learning Resources: Translucent Geometric Shapes {Review & Giveaway}

getransshapesI like sets I can use in my homeschooling in more than one way. For instance, the Translucent Geometric Shapes from Learning Resources we’ve been using not just for math but for art as well! Since this set is so open ended, I’ve been able to utilize it to the max for educating for both my nearly 4 year old son and six year old daughter. Which means the needs of a first grader and k4 student can be completely met with the right activities. There are many that can be exercised from sorting & classifying, identifying the shape, building, fractions, geometry, and more!


This set includes 408 shapes pieces and a helpful activity guide. All the pieces are translucent and would work really well with a glo-Pane light panel. Of the 408 pieces there are 14 different shapes in 7 colors and several of the shapes come in different sizes and indifferent angles. Shapes include squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, circle, half circle, and quarter circle. The different angles of certain pieces allow for introduction an introduction to right, obtuse, and acute angles! The shapes used as a whole can really open the door to teach about all sorts of math concepts.


The shapes seem to made out of some sort of plastic. The plastic appears durable and if needing to be cleaned, it appears that no damage would come of it. The set is easily stored in the container it comes in! Major plus to not have to purchase a container separately!


I’ve been using this set with my six year old daughter right now to teach basic fractions and the names of certain shapes. It’s been a lot of fun for the kids to take different shapes and make another. I bring this set out for play quite a bit for quiet time. My kids could spend all day creating all sorts of art and patterns! I like any way to make schooling more hands on for my kids and this set totally fits the bill. I highly recommend it!

P1160588Want it? Translucent Geometric Shapes  can be purchased on the  Learning Resources website for $34.99 and you can also find this and other Learning Resources products on Amazon.com as well.


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POP for Sight Words Games Bundle by Learning Resources {review + giveaway}



The Pop for Sight Words Game Bundle by Learning Resources is a set of learning games that encourages and promotes reading in children ages five and up. The games are fashioned to mimic popcorn containers which is a cute and clever way to draw in the attention of both boys and girls.

The games individually have 100 cards, 92 are sight words, & eight are POP cards. Everything can be contained neatly in each box that features a pretty snug fitting lid. There’s a even a little zip type plastic baggy included in each box to keep the pieces together within the inner compartment of the box. There’s no need to keep up with the instructions as those are displayed on the side of each box. Continue reading

Talk Links™ Recordable Sequencing Tiles by Learning Resources {Review & Giveaway}


Talk Links™ Recordable Sequencing Tiles by Learning Resources are a handy all-in-one must have set for any classroom. Ways to use these can be to teach sentence building, mathematics, phonics , blending sounds to make words, and more. Auditory, visual, and hands-on learners of all ages will highly benefit from this fantastic teaching tool.

In this set, there are six total multi-sensory tiles. Each tile has a front and back side write-able wipe able surface. There is no dry erase marker or other writing tool provided but you’ll want one to use. I highly recommend the dry erase markers by Quartet as the caps features an eraser and thus far have left no unwanted residue behind. Continue reading

Kindergarten Science: What is a Scientist? Lesson & Experiment

Science  is a subject I wanted to include this year. I’ve been writing up my own lesson plans and going with that. There’s a ton of resources online and at my local library I’ve been able to use without having to buy a full curriculum. This week my daughter Melody learned exactly what a scientist is!


Resources Used…

Book(s): What Is A Scientist ? by Barbara Lehn (I highly recommend this book as resource in introducing kids to science!)

Things we did:
Introduce tools we’ll be using for science : Microscope, Magnify glass, Measuring Cups, Science Journal, colored pencils, pen, etc… (I have a Primary Mix and Measure Science Set from Learning Resources that will get getting tons of use)

Experiment we conducted: Fill a bowl with water and gave a variety of objects like  pom-pom, paper clip, a dice, rock, a ball of tin foil, and other things around the house to test if they sank or floated. I had her record what happened to each in her science  journal and I explained why even though she thought the pom-pom or whatever other object would float why exactly it wouldn’t.

Overall, she enjoyed this science activity and lesson quite a bit! And an added bonus for her that she doesn’t know about yet, is that we’ll be taking a field trip to a local science/water park to tie into our lessons about sinking and floating. First homeschool field trip! We are all looking forward to it.