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Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy Piersall {Review + Giveaway + Interview! }


As a young girl as well as through my teenage years, I could spend hours with  art supplies of choice creating and as well as coloring all sorts of pictures. There’s just something quite peaceful and freeing about it. Coloring for me  clears the mind and allows me to focus about just bringing to life the picture at hand in whatever way my whim takes me. No color is wrong and each mark of the pencil or stroke of the brush blends in a way that is unique and beautiful. I’m certainly glad there are intricate coloring books out there for more than just children and am excited to have rediscovered my love again in Wendy Piersall’s newly released book Coloring Animal Mandalas.

In this book, there are thirty-one beautiful designs. The designs feature animals such as birds, butterflies, unicorns, foxes, dragons, fish, and so forth. The detail in each of the designs is beautifully intricate and the patterns are truly unique. It’s been hard for me to chose a favorite but I do favor the bird designs quite a bit more than the others.

I would say that ideally it would be best to color the designs with colored pencils. A coloring tool with finer point and can get well into the edges of each little detail in the patterns. The black lines in which you’ll be coloring within are sharp and bold with no dither or blur. The book is printed well and the of top quality as the pages are a good thickness for coloring. It’s a reasonable size so I can just throw it in a tote with a a few pencils and bring it along with me to a coffee shop or quite place at the park.

I believe that this book can awaken or reawaken an artistic side to any person of any age. I know it has for me. I’ve made sure to take time each day to be still and relax and there’s nothing more relaxing than creating. I’ve been inspired to draw again which is something I love doing but haven’t made time for during the fast pace of daily life. Coloring is quite therapeutic as it can bring clarity, inspiration, deep concentration, and a peaceful and pleasant state of mind.

I enjoyed getting to know Wendy Piersall, illustrator behind Color Animal Mandalas and hope you do to!

Illustrator Interview

1. What inspired you to create “Coloring Animal Mandalas ?

I first drew mandalas 5 years ago for my kids activities network of websites at WooJr.com. I quickly found them to be one of my absolute favorite things to work on and I drew up many sets for different themes – including Halloween, Christmas, Summer, and fall mandalas – and of course animal mandalas. Ulysses Press found my work online and approached me to do a whole book of Animal Mandalas and I jumped at the chance!

2. During the process of from idea, creation and getting published, what was the biggest challenge?

I’m the first to share my challenges with anyone who is interested in the process, but drawing Coloring Animal Mandalas was quite honestly one of the easiest project I’ve ever worked on in my entire life! Not that it wasn’t work, it was just such a SHEER JOY to do the work that it was never a challenge to sit down and get stuff done. Probably the hardest part of all is promoting the book, because like most artists, I’m not comfortable with self-promotion. Thankfully, my friends and followers online have been just as enthusiastic as I am about this book, so it’s been welcomed warmly – which makes my job much easier!

3. Do you have a favorite design in the book and if so, which one is it?

My favorite designs in the book are the birds – the hummingbird, peacock, crane, owls and eagle. When brainstorming ideas, I could have probably filled the entire book with just birds because they really lend themselves so well to this precise art form. The hummingbird on the cover is probably my absolute favorite, which is good because we had to choose the cover art before all the drawings were completed!

4. What are your go to art supplies of choice?

I’ve always preferred colored pencils for drawing and coloring. I do love using art markers, but they are quite expensive and not many people can afford them. I have a large Prismacolor set of 150 pencils and a set of Derwent Inktense pencils that act like watercolors when wet. Both are a joy to use! But honestly, my primary ‘tool’ is the computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. When drawing from scratch, I’ve gotten quite attached to the ability to hit UNDO.

5. Can we expect to see more books like this from you in the future?

I certainly hope so! I’ve already been discussing ideas with my editor at Ulysses Press, so we hope to be able to answer that question sooner rather than later!

6. Is there any advice you’d love to share?

The thing I love most about coloring is how accessible it is to such a wide range of ages and abilities. Several people have asked me about color choices, and stated they didn’t think they could do it “right”. There is NO right or wrong way to color! Some of my favorites by others are actually painted completely outside the lines. So my suggestion is to not worry about the colors at all. Pick 6-9 colors you like and keep it simple. Or close your eyes and just pick random colors to use. Let the process be the fun part and don’t worry about how you think it will look at the end – they all turn out beautifully when finished!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy Piersall through Ulysses Press.  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.