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The Complete Book of Fashion History {Book Review}

The Complete Book of Fashion History: A stylish journey through history and the ultimate guide for being fashionable in every era is awesome! Appealing for kids, teens, and even adults (like me!) this a title is perfect for someone with the love for all things fashion or for those just wanting to delve into cultural history in a way that’s fun, entertaining, and absolutely interesting.  Continue reading

What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown? {Book Review}


What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown? features the fun loving Peanuts Gang in a story that’s not just fun but educational as well. This story leads children to learn about some of American history’s greatest inventions and inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Orville Wright, Thomas Edison, and another that even I didn’t know about! I won’t give it away but know readers are in for a sweet surprise!

The story features Charlie Brown and his friends throwing a big celebration in honor of great inventions. Each friend sets out to come up with their favorite big idea and to share about it at the party. It’s quite a big party full of posters, prizes, music, and a blue ribbon for the one that found the best big idea. Charlie Brown is a bit discouraged and has trouble though coming up with an idea. Oh whatever will he chose to share about?


There’s so many great inventions in the world, so it was fun when reading this to my kids and asking them what they thought he and the others might would share about.

Near the end of this book there are several pages that go into detail about the the inventors Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, and Sally chose to spotlight at the party. These pages feature a quote from the inventor and bit of details about specific inventions they created. In ending the book, there are two pages that challenge children to describe an invention in writing they might would want to invent and also draw a picture of it. You can allow a child to write and draw directly on these pages or on a separate sheet of paper.

I really like this book and my children ages 3 and 6 did as well. The illustrations are quite colorful and kept my children engaged. This book is an excellent classroom addition. I plan on incorporating this book into a homeschool US history unit study with added additional activities. It’s a great book that introduces biographies in a kid-friendly way! Definitely ideal for children ages 4-8 years old.

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*Disclosure: I received the following book at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.