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Alpha Grillers: Garlic Press and Peeler Set {Review}

I like using fresh ingredients when cooking. When it comes to garlic, I whole heartily will chose it in it’s raw format. In this format, it provides more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids compared to the powdered format. That means that grabbing a bulb of garlic next time you go shopping is the most healthy choice!

In order to fully enjoy raw garlic, a press and peeler is a must have. But where, does one start in finding one that will do a great job? I certainly advise the Garlic Press and Peeler set by Alpha Grillers. This set not only gets the job done but it does so with a little bit of style. I’m always a fan when a few extra touches here and there are taken to make a product more appealing to receive as well as give to someone you know. Continue reading