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Brix {Game Review}

Brix is a 4 in a row game where each player places blocks which are all identical. Each block is half orange and half blue, with and X and an O, or an O and an X, depending on the side.

On the easier modes of the game, the players are trying to match their symbols, or colors. On the advanced variant a player is either colors or symbols, and matching 4 of either one of of their chosen options (i.e. the color player could match 4 blue in a row, or 4 orange, and the shapes 4 Xs, etc.)  Continue reading

Blue Orange: U-Turn {Brain Teaser Game Review}

U-Turn is a competitive physical puzzle for two players. There are two sets of colored bricks, each in the color of a play, and with a dot of the opposing color somewhere on it.

Players take turns taking a brick of their color and sliding it onto one of the other color with the goal of surrounding a dot of their color with their own color. Continue reading