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Kutless Alpha / Omega CD {Album Review + Giveaway} #KutlessAO #FlyBy

I remember it just like yesterday when I first heard the band Kutless. Their song “Strong Tower” often played on the radio and was sung at church youth group. I owned their very first album and it’s hard to believe that it came out in 1999 (17 years ago!). I learned an interesting piece of information which is that this band comes from Portland, Oregon. I live only miles away from this city now, but back when I started listening to the is the band, I lived over 2,000 miles away from this destination in the deep south.  I would never have thought, I’d be residing so near their regular stomping grounds and think that’s pretty cool!  Continue reading

Jeremy Camp’s Latest Album “The Answer” {Review and Giveaway}

I’m excited to be sharing about Jeremy Camp’s Latest Album “The Answer” that released today (Friday, October 6th) ! After a listen, I’ll have to say that many of the songs on this album serve as a reminder to followers of Christ of when we started, where we are now, and what we should continue to be aiming for as we move forward in our walk with God. Continue reading


Connected2Christ.com received this CD in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own. Nichole Nordman Every Mile Mattered. This blog contains affiliate links. #flyby #everymilemattered

Nichole Nordeman’s latest album “Every Mile Mattered” is a breath of fresh air.  Her music is on the contemporary Christian side. The songs are more gentle and soft-spoken yet each are packed full of powerful and boldly encouraging words, thoughts, and ideas for listening ears.  Continue reading

Where Jesus Slept {Review and Giveaway} #WhereJesusSlept #FlyBy


Where Jesus Slept by Norma Lewis will no doubt be a book I reach to read to my children every Christmas Season. I adore the way it is written which starts with one element/person/animal, adds something else, goes backward, and adds something new again on the next page. The cycle the words go in make this book a fun and excellent participatory retelling for littles ones to enjoy. I imagine with multiple readings the story will eventually be memorized!  Continue reading