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Computers For The Kids!

13-inch HP Stream Horizon Blue_Front_575pxI’m so excited that we were able to get the kids HP Stream Laptops thanks to our tax refund! These will be used for their schooling as well as an incentive for good behavior.  It’s pretty amazing what a little time on the computer can do for both of their attitudes. My husband heard about these on Windows Weekly and so far the computers are working great. We thought these were a better option than a tablet as they allow more possibilities. These are less likely to get dropped or damaged too.  The  $200.00 price tag makes these a great reasonably priced choice for those of all ages. Continue reading

Family Gaming: Cheesonomics

P1170329My whole family loves playing games together.  During our Holiday get together last weekend we played one of the newest games my husband backed on Kickstarter called “Cheesonomics: A Cheesy Original Card Game” by Dale Tolley.

P1170327 The goal of the game is to make the most money producing and selling cheeses from Europe and North America! Cheeses included Cheddar, Feta, Gouda, Edam, and & Parmesan. The animals in the game are cows, sheep, goats, yaks, & reindeer.  The game isn’t very complicated yet it provides for plenty of choices and challenges especially when more than two players are having a go at it.  You can play with up to five people.

P1170328I won’t deny there were a lot of cheesy jokes thrown back and forth during game play. My daughter sat this game out taking a break from just playing Munchkin Treasure Hunt but she easily could have picked up the rules and game play of this one. Age recommendations are for age 8 and up. Game play is roughly half an hour or little longer if still learning how to play.


All in all a good time was had and this game is totally recommended by my husband and I!


Annual Pumpkin Picking

P1160507-001We have had quite a full schedule lately! I’m going to admit that for me, Summer is a very lazy season plus I just don’t tolerate heat too well. When Autumn hits, I’m very energized and tend to get the family out to celebrate the season in its fullness over every other one.

P1160509-001 On Saturday we visited our local pumpkin patch! This has been our third year visiting and we plan on continuing the tradition with our kids for many years to come! Our outing was cut a bit short, due to heavy winds and rain on the way. Wind gust were so strong that people were losing power and there were down trees around the area. My mom whom resides in North Carolina even told me the town where my husband works was mentioned in the news.  So definitely noticeable blustery weather!

P1160513-001As a family we picked one pumpkin each to carve for Halloween! Four may seem like a lot of pumpkins but we really enjoy being able to support our local farms and I might even gotten a few more! Other than carving designs and faces into the pumpkins I’ll be roasting the seeds to snack on! My kids couldn’t get enough of the oil and salt  oven roasted pumpkin seeds last year. There weren’t many leftover but whatever was we shared with the birds and squirrels in our yard.

P1160501-001Pumpkin farm photos are some of my favorite to look back upon. Melody was all smiles as usual but Owen was wearing down for the day. We had actually been to the Howl-O-Ween Zoo event that morning and stopped by the Pumpkin Patch on our way back home. He was totally ready for a nap. Thankfully no melt downs just pout faces when I asked him to pose for me. Good thing he’s so cute right?



I love hearing from my readers about their favorite fall traditions so feel free to comment below and let me know how your Autumn season is going!

Our Visit to Peacock Lane in Portland, Oregon


IMG_0056 (1)

Over the weekend, we had our family Christmas get-together. We had decided upon doing something together instead of giving gifts ( though if inclined to bless someone with a gift to go ahead and do so but not expect anything in return, obviously). Giving an experience can be a wonderful thing that will be treasured and remembered for years to come.  It’s especially a good thing to do whether you may or may not have money to purchase something for everyone in the family. Gifts can start totaling a lot when you have a large number of siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and close friends. Continue reading