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AD RescueWear “WrapESoothe Suit” Review

While on the search for products that could help relieve my son’s eczema, I was referred to a company called AD RescueWear. This particular company specializes in creating sleeves and suits to be used specifically for your wet wrapping routines. though the product also can be worn dry too. If you have a child with Eczema it is recommended that you always check with your pediatrician or dermatologist before using Wet Wrap Therapy. Our Doctor did recommend this approach for treating our son. I’ve found AD Rescue Wear to be a most effective product to use when taking this approach, for our child.
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AmykeDesign – Vermont Handcrafted Natural Bath Beauty & Artisan Items


Old world art with a new world twist, lets go back to the basics! All Natural Handcrafted products that help improve your skin, hair and home! Each product is designed and crafted with pristine care and creativity! All products are handmade in Vermont and not tested on animals! All artwork and home accessories is created with natural elements in mind. See the Beauty in Nature and catch your reprieve! 

About Amyke Designs from Amy herself! 

I am mom of 5 and a small business owner. I love art, science, writing and creating new things. I am always striving to keep my house as natural as possible and free of chemicals and keep my kids thinking out side the box and imagining new possibilities. My products are all natural, mostly organic and are designed to meet specific needs or help with certain skin and hair issues. I have customers that are healthy and some battling cancer or other illnesses – I am blessed that I have been a me to create products that help better their lives! There is plenty of feedback on my site if you would like to see what others have thought of my products. Continue reading

Healing Mittens {review}


A Short Bio on How Healing Mittens Came To Be From Shop Owner Michelle …

I started making the cotton mittens after one of our many trips to the pediatrician to try to find relief for my daughter’s eczema. In addition to two prescriptions, the doctor told me to buy her 100% cotton gloves or mittens, which would do two things: 1. stop her from itching herself elsewhere and 2. help keep the medicines in contact with her skin, since her hands are where her eczema is the worst. She couldn’t tell me where to find them. I couldn’t find anything on the internet either — they were either 100% polyester or they were made for adults.

My mother is an avid seamstress, so when I mentioned the problem to her, she laughed and told me to make them myself. We went to the fabric store and they had an entire section of stretch, 100% cotton fabric. I let my daughter pick out the fabrics she wanted and we traced her hand to make a pattern. After a couple versions and modifications, we had mittens. Continue reading

In our House, E is for Eczema…


Life is unexpected and in unexpected things, my family had no idea we’d be helping fight off my sons awful eczema flare up during nearly the whole month of April leading up through May. It honestly seemed to come out of nowhere. I always knew sometimes he’d be itchy here and there but never did imagine that my sweet little boys skin would end up so miserable, red, and weeping.  And I had mentioned his itching every time we’d be at the Doctor’s for check ups since birth but they told me over and over again that it was normal for little kids to have dry itchy skin  and to make sure to lotion him up and not let him very long baths. So I tried not to worry about it too much because he never seemed miserable or unlike himself just itchy here and there.

The week of Easter (it all happened so fast that looking back is sort of a blur now) we took both kids out to the park to hunt for chocolate filled eggs. It was bright and beautiful out and it was about 80’s degrees. The real first warm day of the whole year, in fact.  Both kids were in their blue jean overalls, so pretty covered up from rolling and romping through the grass. Later that evening, I noticed some irritated red skin on the back of his knees.  I assumed the irritation was nothing more than a heat rash so to soothe him, I gave him an oatmeal bath. He stopped trying to itch his legs at least for the evening.  And what I woke up to was not pretty the next day. He had to have been scratching himself through out the night because his poor legs were very awful looking and wounded. And not only that but his arms to looked red and agitated. Continue reading