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PEVA Shower Curtain Liner {Review} #spsupplies


A shower curtain liner is something we all need but rarely pay any attention to until it needs changed. My family typically changes ours out every month or so. The liners we get are very affordable in price but they don’t last very long and if we aren’t careful they get ripped. Cleaning  for re-use is almost pointless because of how thin the material is. If  ripped, we’ve had to purchase another sooner than intended. So, over time I’ve felt that buying a more affordable  option that’s made from cheaper materials isn’t really in our best interest.

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Nature Girl A Guide to Caring for God’s Creation {Book Review}


Being a “green girl” for God means more than just caring for our planet. It also means appreciating God’s creations and understanding our responsibility in caring for the earth.

Each chapter covers different topics like water, air, energy, recycling, and renewing the earth, and includes crafts, Scripture verses, games, quizzes, interviews with real people and quotes from real girls. The book also contains science-based activities, career ideas, plus resources for more information.

Part of the bestselling Faithgirlz brand, Nature Girl: A Guide to Going Green is a fun read for any girl who enjoys science or the outdoors and a great resource for parents, homeschoolers, and educators.

My Thoughts…

Nature Girl A Guide to Caring for God’s Creation By Karen Whiting and Rebecca White is fabulous book to refer to over and over again. This book which I feel is more a guide is written in a Christian perspective. It introduces & educates pre-teen and tween girls to what being eco-friendly looks like. It encourages girls to take a stand confidently in making a difference first within themselves in not just the big things but in their small daily choices too.

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The books starts out with an introduction which I feel is important not to look past. The author reaches out to girls no matter where they live and explains making smart choices in making God’s earth a healthy place to live. I like this because some people think they for instance can’t grow their own food if they don’t live in the country, etc! Together we can make a huge impact!

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The Green List comes after the intro of the book. This list is The ABC’s of Going Green, complete with leads to chapters about related topics. Girls can pick a topic of choice and turn directly to the suggested chapter. There’s no need to read the book in order and that’s makes it great for topic studies. Since I’m a homeschooling mom to daughter, we’ll be using this book in our weekly science and nature studies indoors an out but also in our special one-on-one times for self pampering. Spa days at home, why not?

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There are ten chapters. The chapters range from all sorts of things like what you eat, growing food, caring for your skin, taking care of animals, improving air, recycling, and much more. The book is full of many hands on activities and crafts, recipes, experiments, games, biblical scripture, facts, quotes from other girls, and more! The format is well done and there’s cute graphics through out that make the book even more appealing.

We will be using this book a lot. I think its a very beneficial book for any pre-tween-tween aged girl! Highly recommending it!

Listen to an interview about the book on American Family Radio

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Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking Straws {Review}

ecostraw3We are big smoothie and shake drinkers. So, I’m a little embarrassed on how many straws we go through on a monthly basis. I kept thinking there had to be a better solution and one that was not just good for my family but great for the environment too. Then I learned about the Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking Straws. These straws have already saved us money and a bit of space from having to keep all those disposable plastic straws around in our kitchen. These are completely BPA free making them a fabulous alternative.ecostraw2

This set of five comes in pack of five which also includes a handy cleaning brush. The straws are 3/8″ wide and 8.5″ long. The wide size I really like because it makes drinking smoothies easy without any sort of strain because most straws are sometimes a little too small for such a purpose. These straws are stainless steel so I would recommend only using these for cool beverages for obvious reasons. Iced coffees are great with these straws but hot ones would probably render you getting burned. I was worried if these would make my shakes taste off but they don’t. There’s virtually no odor or odd taste. I sometimes put these in the freezer to use later to keep what I’m drinking colder longer and that works out fabulously!

I would recommend when giving these to children to use, to make sure they aren’t wiggling around too much because steel would probably hurt and could chip a tooth! That’s really the only downside I see to these straws and there’s even a word of caution on the back of the packaging that warns of this! If cleaned right after use, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping these clean and looking great. But if you don’t the handy little brush that’s included helps tremendously. These straws are dishwasher safe as well.

If you aren’t happy with the straws, the company offer a full money back guarantee. Whether you are looking for something like this for yourself or for a friend, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The pricing isn’t bad at about $15.00 for 5 straws especially if you factor in the re-usability, ease of cleaning, and the good for the environment these products and the company that’s created them is doing!

Interested in purchasing? Premium Jumbo Stainless Steel Drinking Straw 5pk from Eco at Heart  can be purchased on Amazon.com right now for $14.97 and is eligible for Prime shipping.

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Zeenie Dollz {Review + Giveaway}


Investing in the means to help my children understand the impact that everything has on the environment is very important to me. We are already pretty eco conscious in our household. We recycle, eat and grow organic food, compost food and vegetable scraps, commonly use all sorts of reusable products instead of adding more waste, cut grass with a push reel lawn mower instead of a gas one, and so forth. We know our efforts though as little as they seem play a big part in caring for the environment and preserving our Earth. This is a choice that my family has made that I am hopeful will be carried out in the lives of my children, their children, and perhaps even among our friends too! Continue reading