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5-in-1 Home and Car Charger for Phones Review



**Guest Review by my husband Justin Lowmaster of Connected2Christ.com **

The R1f6┬áchargers work rather well. Previously at night was using a wall charger I got cheap and it only had one port and wouldn’t fully charge my tablet overnight if it was low on juice. And it didn’t stay in the wall all that well. The Rfio one can charge 3 devices at once, and is sturdy, stays in the wall, and easily charged my tablet overnight when it is low.

The car charger is of the same stock as the wall ones. Sturdy, and can charge three devices. One of the car charger ports is only 1A output while the other two are 2.1A. The singular one is perpendicular to the others, so you know which it is without having to read the labels.


The design is simple and compact. There are two USB cords included and they are of good quality. The car charger has an led light on it so you can find it in the dark if it is plugged into the socket.

All of the chargers have claim protection from overloads and short circuits. Additionally they claim to protect from overheating. I’ve not had any problems like this, so I can only assume their are valid claims.

Instead the money to get 5 of the aforementioned cheap chargers, and be limited to walls only, and one device each, you can get this kit and get two wall chargers which charge two devices at 2.1A each, and the car charger with slots for another three devices you can charge on the go! A fantastic deal.

I’m happy to have replaced my wall a d car chargers with the Rifo ones. They work as advertised, and feel sturdy and look nice while doing it.