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Slow Cooker Desserts by Jonnie Downing


Slow Cooker Desserts by Jonnie Downing has me excited about using my crockpot for more than just main courses. I absolutely love the idea of having a dessert going in the slow cooker. In cooking in this way, it frees me up from having my oven running all day and overheating the house! I honestly had no idea so many delicious goodies could be cooked in such a manner. Most of the recipes found in this cookbook take minimal prep work and need little if any checking on before ready to enjoy!   Continue reading

The Great American Slow Cooker Book

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The Great American Slow Cooker Book is a must have if you are looking to get acquainted with your slow cooker and are aiming to expand your horizons to make all sorts of delicious known as well known to you dishes! I like my slow cookers but must admit that I get stuck in the rut of making the same things all the time. I tend to browse around the net for a recipe only to try it out and it comes out horribly wrong as in too soupy or ever so dry. This issue is mainly because most recipes don’t specify which size capacity cooker the recipe is written for. But the authors of The Great America Slow Cooker book took this issue into consideration not offering just a recipe sizing in one format but instead offers three conversions for the most common size crock pots! Continue reading