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Kitopia Club Revolutionary Bacteria Free Cutting Boards {Review} #cuttingboards

The Kitopia Club Revolutionary Bacteria Free Cutting Boards have me impressed beyond what I expected! These eco-friendly BPA-Free and FDA approved cutting boards make practicing proper sanitation in the kitchen easy. One simply must fold, hold, and put the board in the microwave for 60 second. This method is extremely easy and completely brilliant! I like knowing that in using these boards, I am taking proper steps to keep my family safe from potentially harmful food-borne illnesses in kitchen.  Continue reading

Kitchenware Plus: Bamboo Cutting Board Set {Review}

The Kitchenware Plus Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 2 are worth the investment. What first caught my eye was was the large and medium size. Tiny boards to chop and cut up ingredients for my family of four, just weren’t working out. This set has boards that measure at 18″ X 13″ & 13″ x 8.5. Not only are these sized generously but each are extra thick at 3/4″inch. I’ve used thinner bamboo boards before and after a while they warped, cracked, and became useless. I thought I wouldn’t be happy with another set but I was glad I decided to give them a try again. Continue reading