Tag: Critical Thinking

Learning Resources – Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run {Review}

The Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run is useful learning tool for at home or in the classroom. I enjoy having my kids play with this set because I know that they are practicing their engineering and problem solving skills in a fun hands-on way. The brightly colored set offers enough pieces to get really creative. My kids think it’s really cool seeing that when adjusting the parts in certain ways they control not only the direction in which the marbles fall but also the speed the marble goes when reaching the intended destination! Continue reading

Learning Resources – Create-a-Maze {Review & Giveaway!}

My children ages 7 and 4 enjoy mazes quite a bit. I like mazes too because I know in solving or creating our own that we are challenging our mind in new ways and boosting critical thinking skills. My children’s experience with mazes has mainly been with those strictly found in activity books and in games on the computer. Though recently, they were given a hands on approach to mazes. Many thanks to Learning Resources for the opportunity to share our experiences with their latest educational game Create-a Maze.   Continue reading