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Playful Easy-to-Sew & No-Sew Designs for Powering Kids’ Big Adventures {Book Review & Giveaway}

I have three children that love playing make-believe. They love using blankets as capes and dressing up in fun costumes to make their play-time that much more amazing. I’ve come to learn that costumes can be pricey and often the quality isn;t anything to brag about. But I know in making costumes myself I’ll be saving money and preventing tears from items wearing out quickly. Plus creating a one-of-a-kind costumes with matching accessories is oh so much more fun. Continue reading

Star Trek Couples Costume!

P1140146It’s totally fun to dress up, especially when attending geeky events such as free comic book day (May 3rd!) at your local comic store and especially when cons are happening in the area! Last year my husband and I attended the 2nd annual Rose City Comic Con in Portland Oregon and took part in free comic book day at near by store but agree it would have been extra fun to dress up when attending in a costume of our favorite characters! When I got to thinking about couples costume I right away began thinking like a true Trekkie and pondered whom I thought the best trek couple is. I will admit I’m a little limited as I’ve only seen the original Star Trek and none of the other seasons. There’s not a whole lot of romance going on in the original other than those occasional moments with Spock and Nurse Chapel. So I’ll just have to come back to that thought! Continue reading