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Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther

Broths and stocks are a crucial part of preparing meals that are nutritious and delicious. Sure, one could buy the ready made stuff but I know first hand that making your own reaps a much tastier offering. It’s honestly not that hard at all to make your own but most people aren’t exactly sure how. This book walks readers through in exactly how to make the basic bases and add then takes it to another level. Not only will one learn how to make over a dozen broths and stocks but there are also recipes within to create meals of all kinds with those bases.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Books for Beach Combers, Knitters, and Healthy Treat Loving Moms!


I am one that prefers practical gifts. I feel these sort of gifts are better because the use last far longer than something like cut flowers or edible treats. One of my favorite practical gift suggestions are books that cater toward ones interests and hobbies. Chances are if you go down this route for a gift, you can’t go wrong. Choosing the right book shows you have taken notice to the things your mom loves!  I’m featuring a few books today that likely cater toward many mothers.  Continue reading