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Porcupine’s Pie {A Sweet Autumn Themed Children’s Book}


Porcupine’s Pie by Laura Renauld and illustrated by Jennie Poh is a delightful storybook to be enjoyed during the Autumn season.

In this heartfelt tale, we meet Porcupine. Porcupine is getting all ready for “Feast Day” in which she typically bakes her very famous Cranberry Pie. Alas, she has everything she needs except the water to wash the cranberries. She makes her way to the river but not without running into a few of her friends first whom are also making something special to share for their holiday. Her friends all were missing a bit of something in their own dishes and what does Porcupine do but offer them to take as much as they need from her pantry! However, on her journey to the river, a dilemma strikes when all of her cranberries go missing!  Continue reading

Bunny’s First Spring {Book Review}

bunnyspringBunny’s First Spring written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by David McPhail is a religious storybook that would be perfect to read to children during the start of the Spring season or on Easter Sunday.

The story takes readers through the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through the eyes of Bunny. Bunny is born in Spring when things are so full of beauty and life. But Bunny gets confused when Fall and Winter arrive. Bunny feels sad to see leaves falling as well as other things that happens during this time. He cries out and feels that the Earth surely must be dying but is reminded by his parents to wait.

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