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New Chicken Coop Pictures!


After having a coop that was just not up to par for our chickens we saved up and got a new one! I’ll most more about the coop later but here’s a before and after photo of me painting it!  The paint really makes the coop look nice! I also plan on painting the enclosure we have for the chickens too! Coop Mélonge is the name we came up with for the coop because it’s watermelon colored and we have hens of different breeds!



Our Broody Silver Laced Wyandotte

My daughter’s  Silver Laced Wyandotte “Joy” went broody about two weeks ago. She was certainly set on hatching fake and actual eggs into baby chicks.  Anytime we would coax her out of the nesting box so others could lay eggs, she’d puff up really big and growl at us! Since the local feed store just got baby chicks in, we decided to get three. Since there’s a limt on how many adult chickens we can keep, we decided a few of the chicks would be sold when they are older or replace some of our not so friendly and peace keeping hens.   Continue reading

Meet the Girls!

We took the plunge a few days ago and added half a dozen chicks to our family! We’ve been wanting chickens for awhile and were finally able to do so. I’m delving deeper into the world of Urban farming and am very excited about it. I’ve been researching books, the internet, and asking those I know with chickens in the city many question so as to have a decent hold on the ropes needed the give the proper care needed. Continue reading