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Back to Homeschool Celebration!

P1150690-001We officially started our 2014-2015 Homeschool on the 2nd of September. The kids were pretty excited to have some close (also homeschooling) friends over to celebrate and I was too! I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for things to celebrate. And what better a thing than the education of our kids right?

P1150698These girls have been friends since their first birthdays, believe it or not! They decided all on their own to give blowing up balloons a try at our get together. This was obviously after both their mommies wanted to chat instead of blowing up many more! They were both very proud and learned a new skill.  Honestly, we are always learning something whether we are having days full of curriculum or just just picking up a new talent!

2014-09-05The boys both age 3 and about two weeks apart in age are almost impossible to get a picture of together. It seems they are both always on the move. Who can blame them? The world is a pretty exciting place to make your mark on! They have quite different personalities and it’s super fun to see them play so well together! They’ve been pretty excited about school starting back and I know my son keeps stating he’s a big boy now and that learning is fun. That’s music to my ears.

10615008_10152655431835569_711718092_oThe playdate celebration was great. There were banana muffins, coffee, tea, crackers, juice, and lots of giggles and laughter. The kids had a lot of fun with each other and us mommies got time to talk about keeping our goals flexible and to expect not everything to work out. You have to learn to accept that truth earlier on or you’ll be second guessing everything, even your decision to homeschool. It helps to have others be there to encourage you throughout your school year! I highly recommend another homeschool mom to hold you accountable and if possible getting connected with a local or online support group!

Did you do anything special to celebrate the school year or the first day back? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks to Kindred Spirit Mommy for taking quite a few of these pictures with her awesome camera!