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First Infinity Granny Square Blanket

This weekend I finished up an Infinity Granny Square Blanket. I learned how to do this particular technique from the Youtuber “Play Hooky with Me“, if interested, you can find the video here.

Orange and Blue are the favorite colors of my son. I used Red Heart Super Saver Blue and Pumpkin. Two skeins were blue and 3 oranage. The blanket is 50×50 inches and diagonally 70 inches. The hook I used is 5.5mm which is also a US- I/9.

He is very pleased with his blanket. It is perfect to throw atop his other covers on his bed at night or to use to cover his body when watching tv or gaming. It is an open style but my son runs warm so it is perfect for him. I highly recommend giving this blanket style a try if you haven’t!

Finished Friday: Diagonal Comfort Blanket


This is my second knit  Diagonal Comfort Blanket. The first I knit in an aqua/teal  for my soon to be born baby girl. This blanket with the stripe color changes I made for a friend whom is due in late June. I am pretty tickled on how well the blanket came out. Finished the blanket is about 30×30. It took me about two months off an on of knitting.  You can find the free pattern on Ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/diagonal-comfort-blanket