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Melody’s 12th Birthday!

We celebrated Melody’s 12th birthday last weekend though her actual birthday is on Wednesday. We took advantage of her Dad being off for Memorial Day as well as the cooler weather. It gets really warm in our apartment so baking a cake ( Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Strawberry Jam inside!) and a chicken pot pie when it’s 60 degrees is far better than when it’s 86 inside and 90’s outside!

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My 35th Birthday

I turned 35 this week. In turning another year older, I look back at what a year 34 was for me. It was a truly a busy time where it didn’t quite feel like I was able to catch a breath. There were many ups and downs and I felt honestly at one point like I aged ten years. There was good mixed with the not so good but through it all I am grateful. God was and still is in it all.

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Melody’s 9th Birthday

Melody turned 9 years old last week. 9! I can hardly believe this will be her last year sporting a single digit age. Next year is the big 1-0. Wow! She’s been all into Zelda: Breath of the Wild a game available on the WiiU and on the recently released Switch (One guess what the kids want for Christmas). It was no surprise that she wanted a Zelda themed cake for her birthday this year.   Continue reading