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Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner Guest Review by Justin Lowmaster

This is the 3rd Smooth Viking beard product I’ve tried. If you threw all three of them in a fight, it would hold it’s own against the others.

Just like the others, the conditioner softens your beard. The other main strength of this product is to nourish and moisturize the skin to prevent the itchiness that sometimes accompanies having a beard. Continue reading

Smooth Viking Beard Oil {Guest Review by Justin Lowmaster}


A common complaint I hear from lady dental assistants when we talk about beards while the dentist fills a cavity is that beards are scratchy. Their husband grew one a bit, then it was not pleasant to the touch, and she decreed he must remove his manhood! (the beard I mean, in case you were confused). Sadly, at the time, I didn’t know of Smooth Viking Beard Oil to recommend, otherwise I would have. Then everyone could be happy. The husband, as he could have the beard he wanted, and the wife, would could enjoy that manly looking man she married, and the soft, snugly beard. Like all good things, sometimes it just takes a little effort to get from itchy beginnings to how things aught to be. Continue reading