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Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser by SimpleOne {Review + Video} #soapdispenser


If you have kids, chances are you often find your kitchen or bathroom counter top covered in soap and water. I’m glad they are washing their hands but a part of me wondered that in this process how much was being overly used and wasted. In an attempt to remedy the issue, I turned to the Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser by Simple One. Continue reading

PEVA Shower Curtain Liner {Review} #spsupplies


A shower curtain liner is something we all need but rarely pay any attention to until it needs changed. My family typically changes ours out every month or so. The liners we get are very affordable in price but they don’t last very long and if we aren’t careful they get ripped. Cleaning  for re-use is almost pointless because of how thin the material is. If  ripped, we’ve had to purchase another sooner than intended. So, over time I’ve felt that buying a more affordable  option that’s made from cheaper materials isn’t really in our best interest.

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Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizer Review


The Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizers have kept my bathroom area looking great! It’s amazing how little things like a new and better organizer can spruce things. But not just that only, my beauty routine runs so much smoother now with the ease of use this organizer has to offer.

The dimensions of this organizer are 6″L x 3.375″W x 3.625″H. The modest sizes allows it to take up minimal space whether tucked away in my medicine cabinet or when upon the counter top. The the lids don’t snap on but more so rest on top of each of the two sections. So if it somehow tumbled to the floor, the contents would end up all over. I don’t see that happening easily as the organizer is made out of a durable acrylic that has a bit of weight to it. The pro here is that if it did take a spill, chances are it wouldn’t break as a glass container would do.P1160319

I’m using this organizer to store my cosmetic pads and cottons swabs. I like the transparent nature as I can see when I’m running low or need to restock. Also this organizer has helped the family know where to find things in the bathroom among many other health and beauty supplies.Keeping the organizer clean is simple as per suggested to wipe it down with soap and water and let dry before placing anything inside.

This product is very versatile as you can store inside a anything you fancy. Suggestions are things like clippers, tweezers, those flosses for kids, and so on. Endless possibilities. Did I mention how nice it looks? It’s clear so that allows it to fit in well with any decor. The edges are all rounded so that provides for a nice style element.


The Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizer fits the needs of my family of four perfectly. It’s a nice product and it’s affordable in price. I would certainly recommend it!

Interested in Purchasing? The Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizer can be purchased on Amazon for $9.95 as of this posting.

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