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Cowhide Rugs Are Natural Unique Rugs

The natural movement continues to rise in popularity. It started with food but moved on to clothes and the way people decorate their homes. One way to decorate your home in a natural way is to use cowskin rugs.

What Makes These Rugs Special?
There’s a lot that makes these rugs special like how they are long lasting. If you take care of it, it might last for years. The piece could be passed down to a loved one later.

On top of that, each cowhide rug is special because of the patterns. If you are the type of person who values uniqueness, then this is something you want. The patterns you see within the hide are also naturally beautiful, which should help bring new life into your home.

Those who are allergic, or have someone at home who has respiratory issues, might want to know that hide is naturally hypo allergenic. This is something many other rug materials can’t offer you.

Cleaning these types of rugs is also easy since these fibers resist dirt and grime. Most of the time, all you need to do is pat the rug to clean it up. Being able to clean your rug easily is definitely a point in its favor.

Why Nature Lovers Like These Types of Rugs?

Just like anyone else, people who want to go back to nature fall in love with the cow hide for its natural beauty and versatility, but there’s so much more to it. People who want to go back to nature also know that by choosing these types or rugs they are reducing their carbon footprint.

The hide used to make these rugs was sourced from cows that were processed for consumption. The animal was not processed just for the hide. Knowing this is a good thing, but there’s more to consider. The materials used to make rugs with man-made materials may be harmful to the environment.

By choosing these types of rugs, you’ll be helping the earth by preventing wastefulness, and that’s a plus. Keep in mind these rugs are biodegradable, so they won’t pile up in some landfill.

If you take care of the piece, you won’t need to throw it out. You’ll be able to reduce the need to buy new rugs, and that helps the earth, too. If a person teaches his or her kids to value these rugs, then passing them down should be possible. Passing down a rug rather than having your kids buy new rugs helps further your noble cause.

These are some reasons why cowhide rugs are rising in popularity. Explore a few to see how they could fit in your home. Try to envision the rug in your home, and you’ll start seeing the possibilities.

5 Ideas For Decorating An Apartment Balcony

Living in an apartment means no backyard or big outdoor space, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for an ugly outdoor area. Even the tiniest apartment balconies can be transformed into a beautiful haven for you to enjoy cool evenings outside. Here are 5 ideas for decorating a small apartment balcony. 

1. Unique Flooring

Perhaps one of the most unsightly parts of an apartment balcony is the concrete slab that serves as the floor. Tiles and decking in all designs and colors can be purchased and cut to fit the size you need. For a softer, cozier option, rugs and mats are perfect.

2. Cozy Seating

A balcony isn’t very useful without a place for you and your friends to sit. Adirondack chairs are a durable and comfortable single-seater option. Outdoor couches with storage can help you make better use of your space, and if you’re low on floor space a swing will do the trick. Floor pillows and mats create dimension and can be used as extra seating in a pinch.

3. Privacy Screen

A privacy screen will make your balcony feel cozier and less concrete, and also give you privacy from surrounding neighbors. You can personalize the screen as much as you’d like to fit your style, and add string lights to bring in warmth.

4. Favorite Plants

Turn your balcony into an urban jungle. Being a plant person in an apartment can be hard if you don’t get good light, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up plants completely. Take them outside and make your balcony an oasis. 

5. A Place For Your Pet

If you have a pet, your balcony can be a great place for them to play and get fresh air. Add fake grass, toys, food, water, and a soft spot to sleep, and your pet is guaranteed to love you.