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Vindication Season 2 – My Thoughts on Episode 10 and 6 Month Giveaway to Pureflix!

Vindication which can be found on Pure Flix is a show my family has enjoyed immensely the last few months. Be sure to check out my other post about it here. That said, we just finished up the second season and are looking forward to a third!

I will be sharing my thoughts on the tenth and final episode in this season so this is my spoiler warning not to read any further if you don’t want anything found out before you get through the series yourself if you plan to watch.

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Why Listen to Gospel Music?

If you have not tried it, there are many reasons to listen to gospel music. Gospel music has been known to have a calming and soothing impact on the brain. Right Sight Productions offers a large amount of gospel music for you to enjoy. Gospel music can help improve your mood because the lyrics can help take you to the next level. Gospel music is family-friendly, so you will never have to worry about what your kids may hear while listening. The music is in line with Christian expectations. Gospel music can play a critical role in teaching lessons at home. 

Not only is Gospel music good for your listening pleasure, but it is also good for your soul. It can help strengthen the foundation of your faith and improve your growth. This music can help feed your soul. Gospel music has a way of providing a way for you to maintain balance in your life across career, family, and faith. When daily life gets rough, gospel music can help you stay even focused and even no matter what you are facing. Instead of feeling hopeless and down, Gospel music can help you find strength and lead you back to your faith. 

Trick or Treat, You’re So Sweet! ( A Lift-The-Flap-Book)

Trick or Treat, You’re So Sweet a lift-the-flap book written and illustrated by Dean Gray is a fun hands-on hardcover book perfect for reading during the Halloween season for young ones.

Each hardcover page has a door flap to lift along with a rhyme to read. We were delighted to see the trick-or-treaters behind the door decked out in their favorite costumes. There is no real guessing involved since the rhyme gives it away but it was still fun to see.

The illustrations are great and full of so much color. They were a true delight to take in. I appreciated all the details.

My youngest enjoyed it as we read this book together from start to finish. The vocabulary isn’t too difficult for early readers.

There is nothing scary here such as creepy monsters or witches. There is a child dressed up in a silly vampire costume but there is no blood just silly candy corn-shaped teeth. Our favorite costume was the pirate!

It’s a cute book overall and can get little ones excited about the fun and not scary elements of the holiday like dressing up and candy!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*