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Free Crochet Pattern: Autumn Puff Slouchy Beanie

Inspired by the beautiful crimson maple leaves that Autumn brings, I was inspired to create this beautiful Puff Stitch Slouchy crochet beanie-style hat. I designed it so it can be made as short or as long as you like without a lot of stitch variation.

The hat is slightly warm and 100% breathable. I like wearing it on crisp drier Autumn days but it also would work well with slightly damp wet weather and lightly snowy weather too. You can use the yarn I suggest or something else as long as you stick to a worsted weight. Enjoy!

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Spurgeon And The Psalms {Review}

Spurgeon & the Psalms is a simplistic straightforward Psalter featuring insightful excerpts from The Treasury of David.

This is an attractive offering. The outer cover features imitation leather and gold embossing. The pages are gilded in a gold color which gives off a lovely shine. Both the front and back pages feature inspiring imagery of mountain tops reaching into the open cloud-filled sky. A blue satin ribbon is there to help keep your place as you are navigating.

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 Pure Flix Original Movie: An Unlikely Angel arriving August 26th!

Life sometimes can feel like a whirlwind where we are pulled this way and that. We are taught to be productive and successful and always to be on our game. In trying to mimic the world’s way of success and believing its lie we can begin to lose sight of what matters most.

Not stopping to take time to “Stop and Smell the Roses” can potentially lead us to losing out on connecting with family and friends, building deep relationships, appreciating the small things, having a fulfilling walk with God, and being intentional in our daily lives.

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