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Oktoberfest & Under The Autumn Moon Festival

Portland Chinese GardensI had an eventful weekend to say the least…. on Saturday, Justin and I went up to Oregon City to check out the Michaels, Joana’s Fabric, and the goodwill. I got three brand new cross-stitch projects for the price of one at Michaels at Joana’s for a really great deal. I also got two new pair of jeans (5/6 Petite) that don’t drag on the ground out all ( this is good so no getting wet and wearing out). They both fit nicely … also Justin got the game of Clue for only two bucks 😉

And spur of the moment, we decided to go up to Mount Angel to check out the Oktoberfest. Well, it was kind of a let down to us. There was nothing to do… all there was mostly were vendors. Now, a real festival has more than vendors… I mean come on …they should have had someone telling the history of the festival, had German craft being displayed…etc..etc… ah well, we won’t be going back again.

Now on Sunday, we had a much better time. I was watching the morning news the previous day and I saw the Autumn Moon festival going on and that China Town in PTL was opening up their gardens free to the public. So, I’m all like hey lets go and we did and we had a good time and we left just before it starting pouring \o/ The drum performance was really cool to watch and with the flute added in it was really good 🙂 I’ll be putting the performance up on Youtube later this week. Fall is pretty much officially here with highs of 65-70’s now 🙂

Photos from this weekend HERE <<

Breadman TR4000 Ultimate Dream Machine

Well, yesterday we were blessed with a bread machine! The lady who sold us our new green leather couches was going to take the bread machine to goodwill but she kindly gave it to us. I had just mentioned to friends and family that I was on a hunt for a good bread machine and voila the good Lord provides all our needs according to his will! I am posting the recipes that came with the machine below so I can have reference to them easily… my mom also gave me some links to some tasty looking bread machine recipes. Thanks Mom for the recipes!

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Autumn Breeze

Autumn Girl Raking

Autumn… full of so many festively cheerful colors… Autumn brings to mind…scarecrows, pumpkins, fresh made bread, piles of leaves, and campfires 🙂 As the little girl in the picture rakes, she’s contemplating some of her favorite memories with family and friends. That was what was in mind as I created this greeting card illustration. Enjoy this for there are many more illustrations to come 🙂