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Winter Snow Angel

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That’s today’s latest design .  I’ve been on a roll this month… that advertisement on Project Wonderful may possibly have something to do with it as I’ve had over 10 sells this month and it’s only the 5th.. yay what progress.

A Recap on our first Anniversary

I had a nice 1st anniversary 🙂 We decided it would be nice to stay home and do a little something instead of heading out in the rain and cold. I still don’t like going out when it’s cold and wet outside…plus better to stay well than to catch a cold. I’ve got a wee little one in my belly to think of now too!

Justin made us a wonderful Mexican meal which was quite tasty followed with a delicious cake that he made (lots of chocolate..lol)! We spent the evening talking about reminiscing about the the year we had together.  🙂 Many many more good years to come, no doubt.

Here’s some pictures from yesterday
Justin and I

13 weeks today

How’s life been for me? It’s getting better as now I am exactly 13 weeks pregnant today.
So, I haven’t thrown up in over a week.. ( Praise God) and I have been eating like I did before I got pregnant though just not as fast. \o/

A couple from church whom we have visited with before invited us over to their house at 2pm for Thanksgiving dinner. We thought it really nice of them and they don’t want us to bring anything either… so it’s good not to impose on their blessing. Justin and I will still cook all of our Thanksgiving foods, we just won’t have them on Thanksgiving…lol… I was planning on making Turkey, Stuffing ( not in the bird), Broccoli Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Biscuits, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Pie. I’ll have the opportunity later on to make cornbread dressing since it’s good anytime of the year. ( Thanks for the recipe Mom).

We have no Bible Study this weekend since it’s holiday and most ppl are going to be out of town. Bible study was good this week. We have gotten into what we want the most from the group and everything and we all pretty much want the same thing and not some social club every week. We want spiritual growth, better understanding, and Christ centered friendships. We have a Christmas party to go to on the 16th for our Bible Study group next month and also Justin graduating home school invited us to their Christmas party the night before. Free food…lol… jk 🙂

The lastest church Sermon series is called Rich and Poor… and it’s been really good! If you feel like listening to it, hit up the church page. Last week the church gave everyone a dollar and said for us to spend it… that it wasn’t our dollar but God’s dollar and to bless someone with it. Justin gave his to our friends who are going on mission trip soon and I decided to keep mine. I decided for me it was a stronger testimony to frame it on my wall and share with ppl and let it be a constant reminder to myself of what just a little dollar could do for someone and how we shouldn’t be spending money on things we don’t need when there are hurting and needy ppl out there. America is Spend spend spend… and it’s easy to get sucked into that pull if we aren’t careful… so good stuff 🙂

Last Sunday after church we visited with the Lowmaster’s for a bit and also attended their churches harvest dinner with them… Lots of good food and happy faces. I played the Wii for a bit…hehe… fun stuff 🙂

My next Doctor’s appointment is on the 12th of December at 3:50pm.. that’ll be my 16 week appointment and then the one after that is my 20 week ultrasound!

Also, I have been quite blessed with my sales on Zazzle this month 🙂