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The Cat’s in the Bag!

A Cat Has Nine Lives But a Baby Only Has OneIsaiah 40:28-31:28 ASV

Today I was at work once again for http://www.christianshirts.net/. I created for them a pretty spiffy design titled “ A Cat Has Nine Lives But a Baby Only Has One”. Yet again, a Pro-life anti-abortion design. I enjoyed creating the cute quirky little kitty proclaiming to Stop Abortion! According to my picture this poor kitty has used up his/her nine lives! Meow!

T.G.I.F… it’s almost Friday anywho… it’s been a busy week and I am owed a much needed rest! I’m so blessed with the work I’ve been getting, though 🙂 I look forward to my next designing job with the company.

Church Fast

Well, most of all the ppl at church are fasting and what I have given up this week is most of my computer time since it’s pretty easy for me to spend all day on the computer… so instead of being on the computer I’ve been doing other things with my time 🙂

Hired… Fashion… Mimzy

What a week that I’ve had. Doors have defiantly been opening up to me this year. A Christian t-shirt company has considered me for Contract work! Isn’t that awesome? I created a pro-life image for them over the weekend which can be seen on my portfolio page. It was my first paying custom graphic design of the year and not to be my last.jan2008.jpg

I received a package through the mail from my parents for my b-day/christmas and I was quite happy with the clothes they bought me! I did a fashion show today and my husband took the photos…lol —> Click here to see <—

I’ve decided to take small break from designing tons of new things for Zazzle. I figure that I have created enough Valentines merchandise to keep people happy for the most part. I’ll still be working on baby images and I love Grandma/Mommy/Daddy/etc… designs too. I have to work now before Melody gets here because when she does I take that at least for a month I won’t be creating much of anything . Have to spend quality time with my little girl and getting used to all the big changes too!

My husband and I watched “The Last Mimzy”… what a cute movie! I wanted a Mimzy bunny… she was so cute 🙂 It was decent, clean family movie that I would recommend to anyone.

Somebunny loves you

In association with Zazzle.com

Isn’t she the sweetest little kid dressed up like bunny that you’ve ever seen? I certainly think so and I won a Today’s Best Award on her from Zazzle too! Yay! I am hoping some of my cards/mugs start selling soon for Valentine’s day so my design can spread love world wide!

In association with Zazzle.comI also sumbited a few more baby/children designs as you can see from the mug on the left, which also won a Today’s best on Zazzle. Now I have to come up with a catchy phrase for little boy designs. Safety pins in every pastel common baby theme color was also summited to be put onto onesies by yours truly.

I was reading the Zazzle blog today and they were introducing those of us in the community to Zigg. The site reminds me of DIGG. It has were you can submit designs and what not and people can discuss and vote on them. Yay for more publicity. It’ll be fun to see what all comes from that since it looks to be fairly new.