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Koru Naturals {Schoolhouse Crew Review }


I’m not usually one to go out of my way to pamper myself but lately I’ve taken notice I feel so much better when I do. Depending on the method, it really doesn’t take much time or effort to refresh ones inner or outer-self. I firmly believe that in feeling renewed daily,  makes for a more cheerful soul and a happy heart in return! One of my personal favorite ways to nourish myself is through my health and beauty care routine.

As part of the Schoolhouse Crew Review team, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my thoughts upon a few of the heath and beauty care products by Koru Naturals! I received Emu Oil & Manuka Oil & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner to review. We’ve been enduring an early Spring in Oregon and with that comes several skin irritations from eczema that needs controlled to uncomfortable contact rashes. Each of these products couldn’t have come at a better time for my family to use in aiding our skin care needs be it for health, happiness, or both! Continue reading

Review: Precisio Tweezers


Precisio Professional Grade tweezers by Crave Naturals do exactly what intended exceptionally well. The tweezers come with a lifetime guarantee, can be tried and if not satisfied returned for a full refund or replacement. The tweezers work better than any other tweezer I’ve owned and I’ve owned many. I know the $19..99 price tag may seem a bit steep but they are worth it! These tweezers are stainless steel and built to last! The unique slanted angle shape is perfectly angled for brows and the tips of the tweezers are quite smooth preventing any pinching of the skin or poking!

I’ve been able to tweeze my brows in more than half the time of using other tweezers. The experience has so much nicer too without any pinching or of the bothersome task in trying to grip those tricky stubborn hairs. No more painful tweezers2ingrown hairs here either! I’ve been using these for about a month now and the tips seem to be holding strong. There’s been no declining difference in tweezers meaning they are as accurate as the first day I’ve used them. There’s been no dulling, chipping, are undesirable wear of these.

Other than using these for brows or other beauty needs, these can be used for first aid too. I haven’t the opportunity to use these for that purpose but I’m sure a splinter would be easily removed with the precise tips on these. Something I like is that the tweezers arrive in a case which is great for keeping these sanitized when not in use. There’s not much more to be said other than this is a impressive pair of tweezers. I would highly recommend these to both men, women, and teens! I’m completely sold!

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Interested in Purchasing? Precisio Professional Grade Tweezers by Crave Naturals can be purchased on for $12.99 as of this posting!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.

Ultrasport Travel Towel From Shandali Review #UltraSportsTravelTowel



The Ultrasport Travel Towel from Shandali is quite nice. What makes this towel truly useful is the fact that it takes up very little space and it absorbs 10x faster than a regular cotton towel! It also dries quite quickly after use especially if left in the sun. This towel has made visiting our local parks to let the kids play in the water features that much more freeing this Summer season. I can simply throw this in our park tote and be on our way. There’s no taking things out and putting back in to have enough space for everything two kids would need in just one very large tote bag. Believe me, regular towels take up a lot of space! Continue reading

Ellóre Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set {Review + Discount Code!}


The Ellóre Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set is a fun way to add a little color flair naturally to your hair. I like mixing things up a bit and not only doing up my hair but my daughter whom is age 5 1/2 too! I am a fan that the hair-chalk sticks are formulated from plant pigments and are completely non-toxic!


The application of the hair chalk is rather simple. I would recommend using gloves because the chalk will get on your fingers, hands, and clothes. Note that it does wash easily off of skin and out of clothes. To remove the colored chalk from your hair, you simply need to wash it out with your normal shampooing routine. Personally I found it washed out best when I not only shampooed but conditioned as well. Continue reading