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What’s Happening Monday?

Loving Heart Designs has a great new giveaway going on right now! She’s giving away a wonderful gift set from Geneva Springs !  The prize is a wonderful gift bag with a 4 oz cream, 4 oz bath salt, 4 oz soap, and .15 oz lip balm of the reader’s choice. (Retail Value: approx. $34.00) Hurry over before your chance is gone…contest ends 03/01

She also has a  Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce giveaway which ends this weekend.

Izola Shower Curtains


Are you ready for a hot, steamy, and spine tingling review? Are you ready to be taken to a place far from here? Well, if you are I’m here to tell you all about Izola Shower Curtains, what did else did you think I was going to be telling you about?

When I received my shower curtain through the mail, I was so excited to put it up. I was quite impressed firstly by the quality of the curtain! It had the desired thickness that I always look for in any curtain that I so choose to decorate my bathroom with and it also has really good holes for hanging up. These important factors make for long lasting curtains. I recall buying many a curtain from stores equal to the same price of these and they last only a year or so because those long lasting factors did not apply!

I took in my curtain after it was up because I couldn’t wait to let everyone know about it. I loved the black and white image that was chosen for the curtain as it features the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, a place I one day hope to visit! My husband was also quite impressed with it. He said that it gave our bathroom that special something…I let him know that I’ve not seen one like it and that to me, it transformed our bathroom in some special way.

Izola Shower strives to offer ‘The world’s finest shower curtains’. These vinyl curtains were created so as to bring that extra special something to your bathroom. These curtains were inspired by photography and art from the likes of McMullan, Faile, and Christopher Makos just to name a few. Offering, World Destination ,Maps, Eco-Friendly, Patterns , Artist Series, and Cotton, you’re sure to find something that meets your fancy.

Izola Shower has been features in several popular media sources such as The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and many more.

So, if you are looking for something a little stylish, a bit artistic, chic, and a lot of different I encourage you to visit Izola Shower! I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Bee Mine!


Since I was short on time, I pulled together this sweet as honey design for a Valentine to give to my husband. I’m sure he’ll love it! :)Is everyone else ready for tomorrow? I still have a cake to throw together but I’ve got my heart shaped lemon cookies out of the way. I figure I’ll make the cake later when hubby is out with his friends.

I received the 100 dollar gift basket a won a few week ago from  minutes for mom today! Wow, I feel like it’s my Valentines present to myself since there’s a pretty sweet sized box of Godiva Chocolate in there! Hmm…what else is in my basket…there’s Vaseline Clinical Strength Lotion, Kona Coffee gifts,  hair products from Kiehl’s, and of course the 25 dollar gc to Target.  🙂

Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy Review


My daughter’s diaper bag has a new buddy! How silly does that sound… okay yes, I admit just a wee bit silly.   Let me tell you about this wonderful  diaper bag buddy. In my opinion, this a must have for any parent, grandparent, or sitter. This kit created by Me4Kidz made solely in the USA is a perfect baby basics kit for those of us on the go.  I will let you know that before this kit lots of my daughters things got shifted around in my bag and sometimes never made it back into the bag (as I am constantly swapping from purse to diaper bag on a regular basis).  This kit is great if you are leaving your kid with a sitter or whomever and then your child may need a bath…the shampoo and body wash is there, say God forbid your child gets to much sun and gets a sunburn… you can pull out the diaper bag buddy and use the Natural Aloe Vera Gel Packs! If you are on a trip away from home and your child is coming down with a fever, you can pull out the one time use thermometer and check your child’s temperature!

This kit includes the following organic and natural products :

1- Organic Diaper Rash Cream
2- Natural Aloe Vera Gel Packs
1- Organic Face & Body Moisturizer
5- Latex Free Jr. Bandages
1- One Time Use Thermometer
1-Organic Shampoo & Body Wash
3- Natural Tush Wipes
1- Reusable 100% Recycled, Lead Free Carry Case

This kit really does have it covered  with tons of great products ! I love being prepared and with a premade kit like this it just makes being a parent that much easier because I know sometimes we all have one of those days!

Me4kidz, LLC is a family-owned & operated business.  Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspire parents and caregivers world-wide to be prepared when it comes to every day childhood injuries. This family of four is driven by their faith in the Lord
and is completely committed to their business in all aspects.

Another wonderful side note is that Me4kidz has all of their products assembled by the disabled.  10% of each purchase gives back to the disabled community!

I wanted to let you know that Me4Kidz did
not just limit their products to babies but they have products for
older children as well as for your four legged friends… yes, you
heard me right they were even thinking about Rover’s well being of
which I think is great.