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Freshie & Zero handcrafted Jewelry {Review and Giveaway}


I so adore coming across beautifully handcrafted items of all kinds, especially jewelry. I don’t have a whole lot in my current collection because I’m pretty selective in what appeals to me. I’ve adopted that that less is more so I like to really only collect pieces that can be worn when dressing casual as well as for a more formal occasion. With that being said, I recently came¬†across the perfect combination of both in the original hand-crafted jewelry created by Freshie & Zero! Continue reading

Quiet Mischief – Kumihimo Mother & Daughter Bracelet Set {Review & Giveaway}


I simply adore coming across unique and beautiful items of all kinds, especially when browsing Etsy. Being and artisan myself, I appreciate all the careful planning, hard work, and thoughtful touches that typically are portrayed when something is handmade. And speaking of my previous appreciation of the art and artist, I’d like to spotlight Quiet Mischief and Company. This artisan meets and exceeds all my likes and loves when it comes to uniquely beautiful handcrafted wares.
Continue reading

Novica {review}


Novica is a fair trade company that works with National Geographic to give artists and artisans a way to share and express their talents with the world! They offer all sorts of hand crafted unique one of a kind items such as home decor, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and so much more. In purchasing an item of any kind, you’ll get to opportunity to learn who you are buying from, what possibly inspired the item, and what country the artist is located. Continue reading